The secret ‘unveiled’.

These days there are plethora of self-help programs, positive thinking books, talks and workshops on alternate ways to a happy life, yoga, meditation, anger management, emotional quotient, and similar never ending stuff.

However, ever wondered what is this whole talk of ‘energy’ and ‘positivity’ all about? The aura, positive thinking, feeling, the law of attraction, the power of mind... All this sounds so cliché at times but the key lies in understanding what most of us never ever get to! Instead, happiness and the so-called magic results of positive thinking are sought from the jumble of self help fundas... only to later wonder what went wrong that it didn’t work for me?

Interestingly, the truth remains that it is all ‘energy’ and ‘you’; energy being ‘yourself’. And the only place you went wrong is in actually knowing what it implies.

The Stay Zen Emotional Wellness Series offer multitude of programs for various target groups. None of these talks or workshops are the same - simply because the people who attend it are not the same! And if it is for the same set of participants, it will always be progressive – a work in progress! The essence of these programs is defined by all of us who are part of these.

Stay Zen Emotional Wellness Series Programs are available for various target audience covering:

  • Schools
  • Colleges & Training Institutes
  • Psychology Departments
  • Corporate Setups
  • Resident Welfare Associations
  • Foreign Nationals & Embassies
  • Customised Groups