emotional health

Life is all about living it - living it in a way that we deem fit and that gives us satisfaction and contentment… isn’t it? But then there are moments or phases in life that often get difficult to handle or even understand. Stuff happens and we look for something that will resolve or give sense to what’s happening.

Life entails interplay of mind, body and soul. We all in our own lives and spatial domains are striving for happiness and for a life that gives us everything that we wish for. There are moments when we feel lost, directionless, helpless and at times distressed. On the other hand, for many of us everything seems to be going right but still we don’t feel the optimal sense of achievement, success and happiness.

It is absolutely normal to have an emotional issue. We all face emotional challenges and we all can get ok too. Just as we take necessary steps during a physical ailment, similarly we need to treat our emotional ailments too.

Emotional wellbeing, mental health, counselling, therapy, psychotherapy, psychological testing are some terms that are getting used these days increasingly. People are opening up to the emotional side of being healthy. More and more of us are developing an understanding that for a happy’n’healthy us, it indeed is important to be aware of our emotional side – what makes us, why we feel what we feel, and why we do what we do!

So it is all about who we are - our inner being and how much we are aware of it. Counselling or therapy works towards building up your connection with your own self. Once you have that self-awareness and acceptance, you are good to stride - maybe initially with a bit of guidance and then all on your own.

What is Counselling / Psychotherapy and how does it work?

Psychological Counselling / Psychotherapy are some of the most misunderstood terms. A lot of us often expect readymade solutions to problems and a sudden change that will relieve us of all our past and present anguish. Most of the times, it is also seen as a relatively easy or miraculous way wherein one doesn’t need to do anything but just go to the counsellor and rest is all counsellor’s work. Now, this is not true.

Counselling undoubtedly helps someone who is facing a difficult situation of any degree. However, instead of giving readymade solutions or advice, the correct counselling approach focuses on understanding your situation, circumstances and surroundings. It takes you through a process wherein it empowers you to deal with the immediate problem at hand and makes you capable of leading your life more efficiently and successfully. In short, it supports you in the process of becoming emotionally independent.

When we try and look out for help during difficult times, we are simply in need to streamline the feelings and thought processes, connect with our inner self, get a glimpse of possibilities, and get our life back at an optimal and balanced level. Surprisingly, this simple sounding thing is at times the most difficult to do and that’s where you need to have a therapist / a counsellor who sails you through and introduce you to yourself.